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November 1st, 2011: ARENE*

Definition: not available

Anagrams: ranee

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Careen Deaner earneD earneR enDear enraCe enraGe enSear enTera Genera Leaner Meaner neareD neareR neaTer raneeS reCane reeaRn renaMe Weaner

'Typos': agene akene amene areae arede arena arere arete

Blana-grams: aerIe aGree aInee aMeer aneAr aneLe anGer anKer anTre arPen aWner Beare Caner Cerne Crane Crena Deare Dearn eaGer eaGre eaneD eareD earnS eaTen eaTer enarM enaTe enDer eneMa enTer enUre eraSe erneD erneS erVen Feare Frena Geare Genre Gerne Green Heare Kerne Laree Leare Learn Leear Meane Meare naCre naeVe naKer naMer nareS narRe neaFe nearS nePer nerKa nerVe neVer neWer Peare Perea Preen raGee raIne raKee raMee raMen ranCe ranGe ranKe raVen raYne raZee reaMe reanS reaTe reaVe reDan reenS reGna reMan reMen renaL renaY reneW reneY renGa renNe renTe reRan reWan Saner Saree Seare Snare Sneer Terne Treen Urena Veena Venae Yearn

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae an ane ar are ea ean ear earn ee een en ene er era ere ern erne na nae nare ne near nee ran re rean ree reen ren

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