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January 6th, 2010: LAREE

Definition: LAREE*LAREES n lari

Anagrams: leare leear

Hooks: lareeS

Ana-hooks: alerCe areOle Cereal Dealer elaTer Galere Healer laereD laVeer leaDer leaKer leaNer leaPer leareD leareS leaSer leaVer leearS Mealer realeR realeS reDeal reGale relaCe relaTe rePeal reSale reSeal reVeal Sealer Vealer

'Typos': lares large saree

Blana-grams: aBele aBler aerIe aGlee aGree alBee alDer alerT aleYe alLee alTer alUre aMeer aNele areAe areAl areDe areRe areTe arGle arIel arleD arleS arTel aWeel Baler Beare Blaer Blare Blear Carle Clear Creel Deare eaGer eaGle eaGre ealeS eareD earlS earlY eaSel eaSle eaTer elaTe elDer elVer eraSe Farle Feare Feral Flare Fleer Geare Gerle Glare Haler Heare laCer laDer laerS laGer laKer laMer laSer laTer laVer laWer laXer laYer learN learS learY leaSe leaVe leaZe leerS leerY leGer lePer lePra lereD lereS leVer Marle Meare Merel Merle Paler Parle Peare Pearl Perea raGee raIle raKee raleS raMee raNee raTel raVel raYle raZee realM realO realS reaMe reaTe reaVe reBel reCal reelS reFel reGal relaX relaY releT relIe reNal rePel rePla reVel Seare Seral Sleer Taler Telae Ureal Veale Velar Waler

Extensions: FIlareeS FIlaree(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alee ar are arle ea eale ear earl ee eel el er era ere la laer lar lare lea lear lee leer lere rale re real ree reel

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