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December 12th, 2009: PRISERE

Definition: PRISERE*PRISERES n a succession of vegetational stages

Anagrams: perries reprise respire

Hooks: prisereS

Ana-hooks: eXpirers persPire pierCers preCiser preDries preFires preMiers preriNse presiDer preWires repiNers repLiers repriCes repriseD repriseS respireD respireS ripeNers rOperies siMperer spHerier

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Aperies Aspirer Berries Crepier Crisper Derries Desirer eMpires eMprise epiMers erepsiN eXpirer eXpires Ferries Gripers Herries iMprese Jerries Kerries pArries peeriEs perKier perUser pesKier pesTier pieCers pierCer pierCes prAiser preCise preFers preFire preMier preMies preMise presiDe presSer presTer preVise preWire preXies preYers priCers priMers priZers prOsier pUrsier rApiers rAspier reApers reCipes reDries reFires reFries reHires reiVers reLiers repAirs reperKs repiNer repiNes repLier repLies repOser represS repriCe rerAise reriseN reriseS resiDer respiTe reTires reTries reViser reWires rieVers ripeNer ripPers seepiEr serrieD serrieS sirreeS speArer speireD spieLer spiereD spireMe spirIer sTriper Terries Upriser

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: er ere err errs ers es ire ires is pe pee peer peers pees peise per pere peres peri peris perse pes pi pie pier piers pies pis pree prees prese prier priers pries prise psi re ree rees rei reis rep reps rerise res rip ripe riper ripes rips rise riser see seep seer sei ser sere serer si sip sipe sir sire siree sirree speer speir spier spire spree sprier sri

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