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November 19th, 2009: SHREWDIE

Definition: SHREWDIE*SHREWDIES n a shrewd person

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: shrewdieS

Ana-hooks: riChweeds swiNeherd swiThered whisKered whisPered

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: dieThers dishwAre dOweries drisheeN herOised hesPerid hirseLed Perished rAwhides redshiRe reLished reshiNed reshOwed rewAshed reweiGhs rewideNs riChweed shieLder shiVered shOwered shreiKed shrewdeR shrieKed shrieVed wAshered weiGhers weirdesT weirdIes weirdOes wherRied wherRies whidDers wideNers wieLders wiThered

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dee deer deers dees dei dere deres desire dew dewier dews di die dies dire dis dish dree drees drew dries ed edh edhs ee eh ehed ehs eide eider eiders er ere ered eres ers es ewe ewer ewers ewes he heder heders heed heeds heid heids heir heired heirs her herd herds here heres heried heries hers herse hersed hes hew hewed hewer hewers hews hi hid hide hider hiders hides hie hied hies hire hired hires his id ide idee idees ides ids ire ired ires is ish re red rede redes reds ree reed reeds rees reh rehs rei reis res resew resh resid reside rew rewed reweds rews rhies rid ride rides rids rise sed seder see seed seer sei seir ser sere sered sew sewed sewer sh she shed sheer sherd shere shew shewed shewer shied shier shir shire shred shrew shrewd shrewed shri si side sider sir sire sired siree sri swede swee sweed sweer sweir swire we wed weds wee weed weeds weer wees weid weids weir weird weirds weired weirs weise weised were wersh whee where wheres whid whids whir whirs wide wider wides wire wired wires wis wise wised (and 6 more)

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