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September 10th, 2009: ANEROID

Definition: ANEROID*ANEROIDS n a type of barometer

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: aneroidS

Ana-hooks: aroinTed deBonair deraTion donarieS doUanier ordaineD ordaineR ordinaTe orGandie radioMen raTioned reoRdain

'Typos': android

Blana-grams: aCorned adenoiD aderMin adoniSe adoniZe adorinG adorneD adorneR aiLeron aLerion aLienor aMidone andiroN anodiSe anodiZe anTired aProned arAneid aredinG aVodire aVoider Bandier Bandore Brained Broaden Cairned Carnied Codeina danDier darioLe dearinG denariI deraiGn deTrain diaTron dineroS dioXane donSier doUrine doWnier draCone draineD draineR dronieR eardinG endiroN eraSion erodinG eXordia Friande Gradine Gradino Grained Groaned Groined Handier Hordein iGnored inarMed inBoard indorSe inorBed inroadS inVader Joinder Ladrone Madrone Minored Moraine naeVoid nardiNe neGroid neUroid oCeanid oPerand ordainS ordinaL ordinaR ordineE ordineS oriGane oTarine Padrone Padroni Pandore Pardine Poinder Poniard Proined radioeD randieR randieS raVined readinG readoRn redoinG roadieS roadinG roadMen roMaine rondeaU roSined Sadiron Sandier Sardine Sodaine Sordine Soredia Tornade Trained Unaired Uranide Virando Windore

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado adore adorn ae aeon aero ai aid aide aider ain aine air aired airn airned an and ane ani anode ar ard are ared arid aroid da dae daine dan danio dare dari darn de deair dean dear dearn dei den dern di die din dinar dine diner dinero dino dire do doe doen doer don dona done dor dore drain drone ea ean ear eard earn ed en end eoan eon er era ern id ide idea in inro inroad io ion irade ire ired iron irone ironed na nadir nae naoi nard nare ne near ned nerd nid nide nidor nie nied no nod node nodi noir nor nori noria oar oared od oda ode odea oe oi on one oner or ora orad ord ordain ore oread rad rade radio radon rai raid rain raine rained ran rand randie rani ranid re read rean red redan redia redo redon rei rein ren rend ria rid ride rin rind rine road roadie roan rod rode roe roed roin roined ronde rone

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