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September 1st, 2009: ISOTACH

Definition: ISOTACH*ISOTACHS n a line on a map connecting points of equal wind velocity

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: isotachS

Ana-hooks: achiotEs actoRish chaRiots chitosaN cohaBits haRicots toisEach

'Typos': isopach

Blana-grams: achiEst achiotE actioNs aitchEs aPhotic atishoO atociAs atoMics atoNics cahoOts catFish catioNs catTish chaMiso chaMois chaotiC chaRiot chatoNs chatTis chitaLs chitoNs choRist citoLas coaitAs cohaBit coLtish coPitas Dacoits Echoist Goatish Gothics haPtics haRicot isoBath Mastich Maticos oRchats osMatic ostRich Pathics Photics Psoatic scaithS schoLia scotiaS shoRtia sociatE soMatic sPathic stichoI stichoS stoicaL stoMach tachisM tachisT thicKos thoRias toaDish toisEch toshacH

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ach act acts ah ahs ai ais ait aitch aits as asci ascot ash at atoc atocs cash cast cat cats ch cha chai chais chao chaos chas chat chats chi chia chiao chias chis chit chits chota ciao ciaos cis cist cit cito cits coast coat coati coatis coats coit coits cos cosh cost costa cot coth coths cots ha hao has hast hat hats hi hic his hist hit hits ho hoa hoas hoast hoc hoi hoist hos host hosta hot hots ich ichs io ios iota iotas is ish iso it ita itas itch its oast oat oath oaths oats oca ocas och octa octas oh ohia ohias ohs oi os oshac ostia otic sac sai saic saith sat sati scaith scat scath scot scotia sh sha shat shit shoat shot si sic sich sit sith so soc soca soh sot soth st stich stoa stoai stoic ta tach tacho tachos tachs taco tacos tai tais taisch taish tao taos tas tash thio this tho ti tic tich tics tis to toc tocs tosa tosh

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