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August 27th, 2009: HALBERT

Definition: HALBERT*HALBERTS n halberd

Anagrams: blather

Hooks: halbertS

Ana-hooks: bethralL blatherS

'Typos': halberd

Blana-grams: albertS arChlet batCher batherS batlerS batTler beNthal berthaS blaSter blatTer bleatEr blethEr bleWart blIther blOater braChet braNtle bratTle breaDth breathE breathS breathY brOthel earthlY eNthral Farthel halterE halterS harSlet hartelY hatAble heartlY herbalS herblEt hIrable hUrlbat labretS laMbert latherS latherY lathIer leathEr lIbrate lOather ratAble rathOle retablE Slather Stabler tablIer thalerS therMal traChle trehalA trIable

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet able abler ablet ae ah al alb albe albert ale alert alt alter ar arb are aret arle art artel at ate ba bael bah baht bal bale baler bar bare bat bate bath bathe bather batler be bear beat beath bel belah belt berth bertha bet beta beth bhel blae blaer blah blare blat blate blater blear bleat blet bra brae brat breath ea ear earl earth eat eath eh el elt er era et eta eth ethal ha hable hae haet hale haler halt halter hare harl hart hat hate hater he heal hear heart heat her herb herbal herl het la lab labret laer lah lar lare lat late later lath lathe lather lea lear leat lehr let rah rale rat rate ratel rath rathe re real reb reh rehab ret rhea ta tab taber table tae tael tahr tale taler tar tare te tea teal tear tehr tel tela thae thaler thar the thrae

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