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May 31st, 2009: MASSETER

Definition: MASSETER*MASSETERS n a muscle that raises the lower jaw

Anagrams: seamster steamers

Hooks: masseterS

Ana-hooks: Gamesters masterIes remasteRs seamsterS semestraL smearIest steersmaN stemWares streameRs teamsTers

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: amMeters amreetAs armRests asseNter asserteD asserteR asterIsm Besmears Cateress Cerastes Cremates earNests emerItas emIrates ersatZes esterasE estreaTs Feasters Gamester Hamsters Lamsters maestrOs mastereD mateLess matTress measUres meatLess meatUses meerKats meIsters messMate metaMers mIsrates mIssteer reasseRt reassUme remasteR resLates resmeLts restaGes restamPs restaTes retasTes sarmeNts sarseNet sCamster seamIest semestEr serIates serIemas serRates smarteNs smartesT smartIes smatTers smeareRs smeLters sOmerset stamMers stamPers steaLers steamIer stemMers stemWare streameD streameR sWeaters tameLess tameNess teamsTer tearLess temPeras termLess terRases tesseraE tramLess traPeses trIsemes

Extensions: masseterIC

Sub-anagrams: ae am ameer ameers ar are ares arete aretes arm armet armets arms ars arses art arts as ass assert asset aster asters at ate ates ear ears ease eases east easter easters easts eat eater eaters eats em eme emes ems er era eras erase erases ere ers erses erst es eses ess ester esters et eta etas ma mae maes mar mare mares mars marse marses mart marts mas maser masers mass masse mast master masters masts mat mate mater maters mates matres mats me meat meats meet meets mere meres merest mesa mesas mess met meta mete meter meters metes metre metres ram ramee ramees ramet ramets rams ras rase rases rat rate rates rats re ream reams ree rees reest reests rem remate remates remet rems res resat reseat reseats reset resets rest rests ret rete reteam reteams retem retems rets sae same saree sarees sat sate satem sates sea seam seamer seamers seams sear searest sears seas seat seater seaters seats see seem seems seer seers sees seme semes ser sera sere seres serest sers sesame set seta setae sets smart smarts smear smears star stare stares stars steam steamer steams steer steers stem stems (and 47 more)

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