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September 3rd, 2008: ORTHO

Definition: ORTHO adj pertaining to reproduction in a photograph of the full range of colors in nature

Anagrams: thoro

Hooks: orthoS

Ana-hooks: Cohort hootEr hotroD thoroN toroTh

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Bhoot Booth Broth Forth Froth hoNor hoorD hootS hootY horSt Motor North othEr Photo Poort rAtoo roBot rooSt rootS rootY rotCh rotoR rotoS roUth roWth Shoot Short Sooth Stoor thorN thorP throB throE throW tohoS tooTh torAh torCh toroS toroT torSo trooP trooZ troTh Whoot Whort Worth Wroot Wroth

Extensions: PorthoS PorthoRS orthoDOX orthoEPY orthoPOD orthoSES orthoSIS orthoTIC PorthoSES SHorthoLD orthoAXES orthoAXIS orthoDOXY orthoEPIC orthoPEDY orthoPODS orthoPTIC orthoTICS orthoTIST orthoTONE DIorthoSES DIorthoSIS DIorthoTIC ForthoUGHT PorthoRSES UNorthoDOX orthoCAINE orthoCLASE orthoDOXES orthoDOXLY orthoDROMY orthoEPIES orthoEPIST orthoGENIC orthoGONAL orthoGRADE orthoGRAPH orthoPAEDY orthoPEDIA orthoPEDIC orthoPHYRE orthoPNOEA orthoPRAXY orthoPRISM orthoPTERA orthoPTICS orthoPTIST orthoTISTS orthoTONIC orthoTOPIC orthoTROPY NEOorthoDOX NONorthoDOX PorthoLE(S) UNorthoDOXY orthoBORATE orthoCAINES orthoCENTER orthoCENTRE orthoCLASES orthoDONTIA orthoDONTIC orthoDOXIES orthoDROMIC orthoEPICAL orthoEPISTS orthoGENICS orthoGRAPHS orthoGRAPHY orthoNORMAL orthoPAEDIC orthoPEDIAS orthoPEDICS orthoPEDIES orthoPEDIST orthoPHYRES orthoPHYRIC orthoPNOEAS orthoPRAXES orthoPRAXIS orthoPRISMS orthoPTERAN orthoPTERON orthoPTISTS orthoSCOPIC orthoSTATIC orthoSTICHY orthoTROPIC ANorthoSITIC EPANorthoSES EPANorthoSIS NEOorthoDOXY PorthoUSE(S) SHorthoRN(S) UNorthoDOXLY orthoBORATES orthoCENTERS orthoCENTRES orthoCOUSINS orthoDONTIAS (and 55 more)

Sub-anagrams: ho hoo hoot hot oh oho oo ooh oor oot or ort rho roo root rot roto tho thro to toho too tor toro

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