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January 9th, 2008: SUBERIC

Definition: SUBERIC adj pertaining to cork

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: bruciNes bruciTes curbsiDe

'Typos': suberin

Blana-grams: Ascribe becrusT becurLs becursE becursT bescOur bicKers bircHes bOusier briGues brisuRe bruciNe bruciNs bruciTe bruiseD bruiseR bruiseS bucKers bucKies burDies burieRs burNies busHier busTier cAbries cArbies cAribes ceriuMs cHerubs cirQues cOrbies cruiseD cruiseR cruiseS cruisIe cruiVes crusieS cubBies cuisSer cuiTers cuMbers curbeRs curieTs curiTes curRies cursiVe cusHier Discure ecuriEs erbiuMs escribE Fubsier icTerus iMbrues iMburse Juicers Murices Obscure Ourebis rubAces rubiesT rubiNes rubRics ruGbies sAucier scOurie scribeD scribeR scribeS scuMber subrAce sucrieR uricAse

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: be bi bice bices bier biers birse bis bise brie bries bris brise bruise bur buries burs burse bus busier cire cires cis crib cribs cries cris crise cru crue crues cruise crus cruse crusie cub cube cuber cubers cubes cubs cue cues cur curb curbs cure cures curie curies curs curse cursi ecru ecrus ecu ecus er eric erics ers es ice icer icers ices ire ires is iure re reb rebs rebus rec recs rei reis res rib ribes ribs rice rices rise rub rube rubes rubies rubs ruc rucs rue rues ruse scribe scrub scur sec sei seir ser seric si sib sic sice sieur sir sire sri sub suber sucre sue suer sui sur sure ur urb urbs ure ureic ures uric us use user

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