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July 11th, 2006: MASCON

Definition: MASCON*MASCONS n a concentration of dense mass beneath the moon's surface

Anagrams: macons socman

Hooks: masconS

Ana-hooks: ancomEs anosmIc camIons conImas macRons manIocs masonIc socKman

'Typos': gascon mascot

Blana-grams: acoRns acTons amMons amnIos ancomE anomIc Bacons Bancos camAns camEos camIon camPos camsHo canoEs canoNs cansoS canTos caPons caRoms casIno caXons cLoams comMas conGas conIas conIma cosmEa coTans coWans coWman Damson Hansom macHos macRon macRos mancUs manGos manIcs manIoc manoRs manTos maRons masonS mocHas monacT monaDs monaLs mosaIc mUcosa nacHos naRcos nomaDs noRmas ocCams ocEans ocTans Racons Ramson Ransom Romans saLmon sancHo scaZon socmEn somanS sYncom Tomans Womans

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: am an as cam cams can cans canso coma comas coms con cons cos ma mac macon macs man mano manos mans mas mason mna mnas mo moa moan moans moas moc mocs mon mona monas mons mos na nam nams naos nas no nom noma nomas noms nos oca ocas om oms on ons os sac sam san scam scan sma so soc soca soma soman son

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