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December 19th, 2005: SMITHERS

Definition: SMITHERS n/pl small fragments

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: erEthisms ethErisms hermitEss isOtherms mArshiest mirthLess

'Typos': slithers smithery smothers swithers

Blana-grams: Asterism Atheisms Chemists Cretisms eNtrisms erEthism erOtisms ethErism hAmsters heistErs herBists herOisms heUrisms hiPsters hOisters hOrsiest hOstries imPrests isOtherm mAisters mArishes mAshiest mAthesis meistErs meshiEst methYsis metrisTs miNsters misheArs misrAtes missteEr misterMs misthreW mistresS mOithers mOrtises mUshiest mYthises resiGhts rhYmists rUshiest semitArs sheriAts shiFters shimMers shOrties siGhters smArties smArtish smirChes smithIes smYtries striChes thrimsAs thriPses thrisseL trimNess trisemEs trisOmes tUmshies

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: eh ehs em emir emirs emit emits ems er ers erst es ess est ests et eth eths he heir heirs heist heists hem hems her herm hermit hermits herms hers hes hest hests het hets hi hie hiems hies him hire hires his hiss hisser hist hists hit hits hm ire ires is ish ishes ism isms it item items ither its me meith meiths meri meris merit merits mes mesh mess met meth meths metis mets mi mir mire mires mirs mirth mirths mis mise miser misers mises miss misset mist mister misters mists mite miter miters mites mither mithers mitre mitres re reh rehs rei reis reist reists rem remiss remit remits rems res resh resist resit resits rest rests ret rets rhies rhime rhimes riem riems rim rime rimes rims rise rises rit rite rites rits sei seir seirs seis seism semi semis ser sers set sets sh she shes shet shets shier shiers shies shiest shim shims shir shire shires shirs shirt shirts shist shit shite shites shits shri shris si sieth sieths sim sims sir sire sires sirs sis sist sister sit site sites sith sithe sithes sits smir smirs smit smite smiter smiters (and 54 more)

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