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November 22nd, 2005: BOWLDER

Definition: BOWLDER*BOWLDERS n boulder

Anagrams: lowbred

Hooks: bowlderS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': boulder

Blana-grams: beCrowd bedrolL bloNder blowerS blowIer blowSed blowZed boOdler bordelS bowelEd bowerEd bowlerS brAwled broIled browNed browSed Clowder doUbler dowAble elbowEd Growled lAbored lowerEd Prowled rowAble rowelEd wArbled weldorS wHorled wobBled wobBler woOlder worldeD

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: be bed bel below bled blew blore blow blowed blower bo bod bode bodle bold bolder bole bor bord borde bordel bore bored borel bow bowed bowel bower bowl bowled bowler bowr bred brew bro brod brow browed de deb del dew do dob doe doer dol dole dor dore dow dowel dower dowl dowle drew drole drow ed el elbow eld eorl er led lew lewd lo lob lobe lobed lod lode lor lord lore low lowe lowed lower ob obe od ode oe old older ole or orb orbed ord ore orle ow owe owed ower owl owled owler owre re reb red redo rew rob robe robed roble rod rode roe roed role row rowed rowel we web wed weld weldor wo woe wold word wore world

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