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July 26th, 2005: SIEUR

Definition: SIEUR*SIEURS n an old French title of respect for a man

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sieurS

Ana-hooks: Bruise Buries Busier Cruise Crusie Curies Diseur Furies Guiser iNsure iNures isSuer Juries Quires reGius risQue ruBies ruDies rusiNe sQuier sQuire suiTer surFie uPrise uresiS uriNes uriTes ursiNe

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Aesir Arise Aurei Aures Auris Biers Birse Bries Brise Burse Cires Cries Crise Crues Cruse Cures Curie Curse Cursi Dries Druse Dures eCrus eMirs ePris eriCs eTuis eurOs Fires Fries Frise Grise Grues Guise Heirs Hires Huers iCers iLeus iNure isSue Keirs Kiers Kuris Leirs Liers Lieus Lures Meris Mires Miser Muirs Mures Muser Nurse Osier Ourie Peris Piers Pries Prise Puers Pures Puris Purse Quire rAise reBus reiFs reiKs reiNs reisT resiD resiN resiT reusE rHies riBes riCes riDes rieLs rieMs riLes riMes riMus riNes riNse riPes riseN riseR riseS risuS riTes riVes rOues rOuse ruBes ruDes ruDie rueRs ruiNs ruLes ruMes ruNes ruseS seirS serAi seriC seriF seriN seruM sHier sHire siDer siKer siLer sireD sireE sireN sireS siruP siVer siXer siZer sKier sLier sPeir sPier sPire sPrue sTire sTure suBer suCre suerS suiTe suPer sureD sureR sureS surGe sWeir sWire Tiers Tires Tries Trues urAei urAse ureAs ureiC urGes uriNe uriTe ursAe userS usHer usUre uTeri Viers Vires Virus Weirs Wires Wiser Wries Xerus

Extensions: MONsieur MESsieurS

Sub-anagrams: er ers es ire ires is iure re rei reis res rise rue rues ruse sei seir ser si sir sire sri sue suer sui sur sure ur ure ures us use user

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