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September 26th, 2004: CENTILE

Definition: CENTILE*CENTILES n a value of a statistical variable

Anagrams: licente

Hooks: centileS

Ana-hooks: centiNel cOteline Denticle electinG electiOn elenctiC lenticeL lenticLe telecinE

'Typos': centime gentile

Blana-grams: cineOle cleeKit cleMent clientS cUtline Decline elencHi enteRic enticeD enticeR enticeS entiTle Genetic inFlect lAtence lecteRn lectinS lectiOn lenieNt leUcine leUcite licenCe licenSe lincHet lineAte linecUt liSente necKlet necKtie neGlect netliKe Penlite Pentice Recline Reticle Sectile Selenic Setline Silence Stencil tenSile tHeelin tieRcel tincHel tUnicle Veinlet

Extensions: PERcentileS PERcentile(S)

Sub-anagrams: cee ceil cel celt cent cete ciel cine cit cite client cline clint ctene ee eel een eine el elect elint elite elt en ene enlit entice et eten etic ice in incle inlet it lectin lee leet lei lent lenti lentic let li lice lie lien lin line lint lit lite ne nee net nete nice nie niece nil nit nite te tee teel teen teil tel tele telic ten tene ti tic tice tie til tile tin tine

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