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July 18th, 2004: DAPSONE

Definition: DAPSONE*DAPSONES n a medicinal substance

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: dapsoneS

Ana-hooks: dYspnoea epanodOs noTepads opeRands padRones pandoRes pondaGes spadoneS Tonepads Unsoaped

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aCnodes adIpose adonIse anodIse apedoMs apnoeAs apPends apPosed apRoned asToned Bedpans daeMons daMpens dapHnes deaCons deponEs deposaL desponD dIspone doGnaps donaTes dopanTs doUanes dYspnea epInaos espanoL eXpands Loadens Masoned Modenas Monades Mopanes napoOed noMades noTepad noYades onsTead opeRand padRone paesAno pandeRs pandIes pandoRe panNose pansIed paRdons paVones peaCods peaPods peasCod pedaLos pedanTs penTads peRsona podesTa poMades pondaGe pondeRs posaUne Respond senopIa snapPed sneapEd snoOped sodaIne sondaGe spadoeS spaIned spandeX spanGed spanKed spanNed spaWned speanEd spInode spondeE sponGed spoOned Teopans Tonepad Unposed Weapons

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado ados ads ae aeon aeons an and ands ane anes anode anodes ape aped apes apod apode apodes apods apse as asp aspen da dae daes dan dans dap daps das de dean deans den dens do doe doen does don dona donas done dons dop dopa dopas dope dopes dops dos dose dso ea ean eans eas ed en end ends ens eoan eon eons epos es na nae naos nap nape napes naps nas ne neap neaps ned neds nep neps no nod node nodes nods noes nope nos nose nosed od oda odas ode odea odes ods oe oes on one ones ons op ope oped open opens opes ops os ose pa pad pads paeon paeons pan pand pands pane paned panes pans pas pase paseo pe pea pean peans peas peason ped peds pen pend pends pens peon peons pes peso po poa poas pod pods pond ponds pone pones pons pos pose posed psoae sad sade sae san sand sane saned sap sea sean sed sedan sen sena send sepad snap snead sneap sned snod so soap soaped sod soda son sonde sone sop spa spade spado spae spaed span spane spaned (and 4 more)

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