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July 16th, 2004: OBLATE

Definition: OBLATE*OBLATES n a layman residing in a monastery

Anagrams: boatel lobate

Hooks: oblateS

Ana-hooks: bloateD bloateR boatelS Globate lobateD Notable Potable teaboWl toTable toWable Votable

'Typos': ablate

Blana-grams: ableSt abletS abVolt albeDo albeIt albeRt albIte baetYl balLet balLot baStle batleR batleT batTel batTle belatE betoIl blaeSt blateR bleatS bloatS boateD boateR boatIe boletE boletI bolteD bolteR boRate boReal botelS botTle boVate Cablet Cobalt Doable etaloN Foetal Folate Gablet Gelato Goblet labRet leGato lIbate loatHe loCate loRate obelIa obItal oblaSt oleatE oSteal Pelota Rebato Solate Stable tableD tableS tableT talboT teaboX tolaNe toMbal Zealot

Extensions: oblateLY oblateNESS oblateNESSES

Sub-anagrams: ab abet able ablet abo ae al alb albe ale aloe alt alto at ate ba bael bal bale bat bate be beat bel belt bet beta blae blat blate bleat blet bloat blot bo boa boat bola bole bolt bot bota botel ea eat el elt et eta la lab lat late lea leat let lo lob lobe lot lota lote oat ob oba obe oe ole olea ta tab table tae tael tale tao te tea teal tel tela to toe toea tola tole

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