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April 22nd, 2003: SHERD

Definition: SHERD*SHERDS n shard

Anagrams: herds shred

Hooks: sherdS

Ana-hooks: dAsher derThs heArds hedErs hersEd hIders hOrdes hOrsed rAshed reshOd rUshed shAder shAred shOder shOred shredS shreWd

'Typos': shard shend shere shred

Blana-grams: Ashed Creds dAres deArs deAsh deErs derEs derMs derNs derTh derVs dOers dOrse dOseh dOser dreEs dreGs dreKs dresS dresT dreYs drIes drUse dUres dYers eArds Fresh hAdes hArds hAred hAres heAds heArd heArs hedEr heEds heIds heIrs heNds herBs herEs herLs herMs herNs herOs hersE hIder hIdes hIred hIres hOers hOrde hOrse hOsed hUers hUrds Lehrs Nerds rAhed rAsed reAds redDs redEs redOs reEds reNds resId resOd rheAs rhIes rIdes rOdes rOsed rUdes sAdhe sAred sedEr serEd shAde shAre sheAr shedS sheEr shIed shIer shIre shOed shOer shOre shreW shYer sIder sIred sOred sPred sUred Tehrs Usher Wersh Yerds

Extensions: POTsherdS POTsherd(S) FREsherdOM(S)

Sub-anagrams: de ed edh edhs eh ehs er ers es he her herd hers hes re red reds reh rehs res resh sed ser sh she shed

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