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January 22nd, 2003: EDDO

Definition: EDDO*EDDOES n a tropical plant

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Boded Coded dIode dodGe doLed doMed doPed doSed doTed doVed doWed doZed oddeR Roded Todde

'Typos': eddy

Blana-grams: Bode Code Coed dAdo deAd deCo deEd deId deMo dIdo dIed dodO dodS doeK doeN doeR doeS doGe doLe doMe doNe doPe doRe doSe doTe doVe doWd doZe dUde dUed dYed eCod Feod Hoed Lode Mode Node oddS odeA odeS oHed oPed oWed Redd Redo Rode Roed Toed Yode

Extensions: eddoES

Sub-anagrams: de do dod doe ed od odd ode oe

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