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== About Us ==
== About Us ==
* [[Membership]]
* [[Membership]] what does it mean to be a NASPA member?
* [{{SERVER}}/cgi-bin/join.pl Join NASPA]
* [{{SERVER}}/cgi-bin/join.pl Join NASPA] become a NASPA member
* [[Mission statement]]
* [[Mission statement]] what we do and why
* [[Committee]]
* [[Committees]] who makes it all happen
* [[FAQ]]
* [[FAQ]] frequently asked questions

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2017 National SCRABBLE Championship
July 22–26, 2017, New Orleans, LA


Congratulations to the 2017 North American SCRABBLE Champion, Will Anderson!



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And more...


  • Competitive SCRABBLE play – what it is, and how it differs from kitchen-table Scrabble play
  • Find a club – find one nearby and practise for tournaments.
  • Find a tournament – find one nearby and show off your skills.
  • Membership – join the association to compete in tournaments and buy exclusive gear.
  • Rules – how to play the game and what to do when someone makes a mistake.
  • Code of Conduct – what standard of behavior is expected of association members.


  • About clubs – What kinds of clubs there are, and how to start one.
  • Find a club – find one nearby and practise for tournaments.
  • Club news – recent news from your local club.





About Us