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(Committee Member Tools)
(NASPA Member Resources)
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==NASPA Member Resources==
==NASPA Member Resources==
* [http://bit.ly/NASPAFBForm NASPA Facebook Page - Post Submission Form] - all members are welcome to submit posts to be shared on the [http://www.facebook.com/NASPAScrabble NASPA Facebook Page]  
* [http://bit.ly/NASPAFBForm NASPA Facebook Page - Post Submission Form] - all members are welcome to submit posts to be shared on the [http://www.facebook.com/NASPAScrabble NASPA Facebook Page]
==Committee Member Tools ==
==Committee Member Tools ==

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The Social Media Committee is a NASPA committee established to facilitate NASPA communication via social media.

To contact the Social Media Committee send an email to naspa-socialmedia@yahoogroups.com.

Help wanted

The committee has a number of projects on its wish list and is looking for any and all volunteers who would like to help us work on them in order to fulfill our purpose, as stated below.


The following members currently belong to the committee:

[photo of John Chew]
ex officio
[photo of Judy Cole]
[photo of Josh Greenway]
[photo of Shan Abbasi (EX)]
[photo of Roger Cullman]
[photo of Iliana Filby]
[photo of Terry Kang]
[photo of Heidi Robertson]

The following members have served past terms on the committee:

[photo of Kate Fukawa-Connelly (EX)] Kate Fukawa-Connelly (EX)
acting chair
[photo of Dallas Johnson] Dallas Johnson
ex officio
[photo of Judy Cole] Judy Cole
[photo of Marcia Richards] Marcia Richards
[photo of Chris Cree (SM)] Chris Cree (SM)
ex officio
[photo of Conrad Bassett-Bouchard (GM)] Conrad Bassett-Bouchard (GM)
[photo of Jesse Matthews (EX)] Jesse Matthews (EX)
[photo of Jesse Matthews (EX)] Jesse Matthews (EX)
[photo of Rich Baker] Rich Baker
ex officio
[photo of Shelley Stevens] Shelley Stevens
[photo of Heather McCall] Heather McCall
[photo of Michael Gincel] Michael Gincel


  • To foster and facilitate NASPA community-building among its membership through social media.
  • To grow and maintain NASPA’s promotional social media presence in order to attract new NASPA members.
  • To stay abreast of trends in social media in order to keep NASPA current in how they might engage with members, potential members, the public, Hasbro, and other stakeholders in social media platforms.
  • To advise other committees on ways that social media could enhance their operations, and to suggest or provide means by which to do so.


The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

  • Maintain the NASPA Facebook Page
  • Raise awareness and make it easier for newcomers and current players to understand how and where to interact with NASPA online
  • Make other committees aware of our existence and willingness to assist with their endeavors
  • Document NASPA's current use of social media in order to assess its effectiveness and consider possible improvements

NASPA Member Resources

Committee Member Tools

Committee members have access to the following online tools: