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Scrabble Streaming

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NASPA members stream Scrabble content on Twitch, YouTube, and other online platforms. Be sure to tune in and subscribe.

If you stream or post Scrabble content, contact us here to be featured in this directory.

Streamer Profile
Will Anderson

[head shot]

Will Anderson, the 2017 Scrabble champion, is owned by 3 cats.

Will streams mostly Scrabble - with some Boggle, retro word games, and chess mixed in from time to time - at twitch.tv/wanderer15.


Will also hosts a YouTube channel where you'll find Will not only playing Scrabble and other word games but also offering tips and lessons on Scrabble, such as the Know a Letter series.


Josh Greenway

[head shot]

Josh Greenway is the host of NASPA Tonight, the YouTube Live talk show all about Scrabble.

Josh is a tireless promoter of all things Scrabble and was honored with NASPA's Person of the Year award in 2019 for contributions in social media and live streaming.

You can watch players from across North America discuss all the Scrabble news and topics of the day on NASPA Tonight, a 70+ episode live web series on YouTube.


Back in 2018, Nick Ivanovski wrote this insightful article about NASPA Tonight and Scrabble broadcasting in general.

Mina Le

[head shot]

Mina Le is a 1700-rated New Jersey player who placed 6th in the CSW division of the 2019 Championship.

Mina plays games live at twitch.tv/vhyacinth and talks viewers through her thought process on every move. She aims for her channel to be the premier place for beginners to learn how to improve their Scrabble game, as demonstrated in real-time play.