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SPC Satellite Event

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To celebrate and promote multi-day tournaments as we return to live play, the Championship Committee has established the Scrabble Players Championship (SPC) Satellite Event program.

To qualify for the Satellite Event program, tournaments must meet the following criteria:

  • Take place over multiple days
  • Contain a minimum of 14 rounds
  • Have at least 50 players in the specific event
    • If a tournament has multiple events (Early Bird, Main Event, Late Bird, etc.), each event must qualify separately. The total of all events cannot be used to meet the 50-player requirement.
  • Occur before the close of registration for the 2022 SPC
    • The Championship Committee reserves the right to terminate the program early if registrations for the 2022 SPC approach the attendance cap, if any. Spaces will be reserved for any later events already designated as Satellite Events.

The Championship Committee will award one complimentary 2022 SPC registration for every 50 players participating in an SPC Satellite Event. The SPC Satellite Event director can decide how to award the 2022 SPC registration - e.g., as a prize to a top player or as a raffle prize for all players or among division winners.

Directors should register their interest in designating events as Satellite Events when requesting sanctioning of the tournament.

  • If a qualifying event is already sanctioned, directors should email the Championship Committee at nsc@scrabbleplayers.org to add the event to the program.
  • The Tournament Listing will designate the event as an SPC Satellite Event.

Winners of an SPC Satellite Event will receive a complimentary Main Event registration to the 2022 SPC and will be recognized there.

  • The prize covers registration for the Main Event only. Winners are responsible for other costs, such as travel, lodging, commuter fees, Early Bird, etc.
  • If a winner has already registered and paid for the 2022 SPC, the winner will be given the option to:
    • Transfer the complimentary registration to another player
    • Receive a credit on their NASPA account
    • Receive a refund

If you have questions about the SPC Satellite Program, you can email the Championship Committee at nsc@scrabbleplayers.org.