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Proposed structure of Canadian Committee

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Number of Members

Our proposed future structure is for the committee to comprise six members with at least one residing in each of the following three regions:

  • Ontario
  • Western Canada
  • Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces

Additionally, no more than three members will be allowed from any one of the above regions.

Committee Member Selection Process

  • Members will serve a three year term.
  • Two members will be elected each year.
  • These elections will take place every December for terms beginning the following January.
  • Candidacies and nominations for prospective members will be accepted in November of each year.
  • The first election will take place in December 2009.
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are NASPA members in good standing will be allowed to participate in the electoral process.

The exact mechanism of this process is to be determined, but there will most likely be an online ballot form that will be linkable from both the NASPA membership renewal page and from the Canadian Committee home page.


We invite your input to determine the best possible way of making the CC a responsible and accountable body representing the interests of all Canadian Scrabble players. We ask that your comments and suggestions be made prior to July 1 this year, after which we will finalize the structure for this committee. Discussion can be posted to the Canadian Committee yahoo groups site by emailing naspa-canada@yahoogroups.com. Note that you must sign up for this group before posting messages to it.