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Mind Sports International

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Mind Sports International Ltd. “creates exciting new opportunities for the mind sports community to come together and enjoy new events and experiences with like-minded enthusiasts. Already working with a selection of the World’s most well-known corporations and mind sports brands, the company works globally to build the very best mind sports events and experiences.” — quoted from the MSI website.

MSI became known to the international SCRABBLE scene when it launched its series of Mind Sports Festivals in 2012 in Prague, was the organizer of the 2013 SCRABBLE Champions Tournament, will be organizing the 2014 National School SCRABBLE Championship and a series of Mind Sports Festivals in North America in 2014, and will also be launching its Mind Sports Academy in 2014.

In January 2014, MSI and NASPA signed an agreement to cooperate on future ventures; we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.

In March 2014, MSI announced plans for the 2014 World SCRABBLE Championship.