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If you chose Virginia Commonwealth University to win the NCAA March Madness tournament this year based on the number of points their name would score in SCRABBLE or their success as an underdog team in recent years, then your nonconformity is to be applauded. However, it also means your bracket is probably busted... But that's OK this year - NASPA's new Social Media Committee (SMC) is here to inspire a new kind of bracket fever.

We'd like to be the first to introduce to you:

[bracket]ology -- a March Madness-style Scrabble bracket contest that will be taking place leading up to, and throughout the 2015 North American Scrabble Championship in Reno, NV.

The SMC is putting the finishing touches on this contest, but here are a few of the exciting deets!

[bracket]ology] will be a multistage contest: you'll have the opportunity to choose who you think is going to make it to the bracket rounds of this year, and once the top 8 are finalized, you'll get to fill out a bracket for each division with your picks as to who will win their division in Reno!

[bracket]ology will be loaded with prizes for many! Going to be in Reno? How does $160 sound? Watching from afar? How about we cushion your send-me-to-2016-Nationals-fund with a free entry to next year’s NASC? And those are just the top prizes!

Now I know, you're probably going to want to quote that famous line about free stuff: Hey, SMC, there’s no such thing as a free entry to the North American Scrabble Championship, right?

Turns out, you were taught wrong – [bracket]ology is free to enter for all current NASPA members!

More information will show up on Facebook, twitter, and NASPA-PRO in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of the [bracket]ology interface on the Member Services NASPAWiki in May. We hope, whether you'll be in Reno, or anxiously refreshing the table one games from your laptop, that you'll join the SMC in catching the new bracket fever. Even if you did choose Kentucky to win this year.