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Some questions may be answered in our FAQ, so be sure to check there first!

For inquiries related specifically to the business of one of the committees, please contact the committee directly (most have a group email address). You can also contact an individual member of that committee. Committee members’ contact information can be found on their individual NASPAWiki pages.

For general inquiries, please email us at info@scrabbleplayers.org or contact either of the NASPA Chief Executive Officer John Chew. For permissions requests, please see our Permissions page.

Here is a table of more specific NASPA e-mailboxes, all @scrabbleplayers.org:

mailbox topics/purpose
accounts billing issues
apple Apple Developer Program
fun things to do for fun at the North American SCRABBLE Championship
membership NASPA membership
naspagrants 2015 Grants
nsc North American SCRABBLE Championship
school School SCRABBLE

To contact NASPA by postal mail, use this address:
PO BOX 12115
DALLAS TX 75225-0115