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CSW ratings

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This page describes how Collins differs from OTCWL as a playing lexicon, and is part of our introduction to Collins (SOWPODS) in North America.

CSW Ratings

Tournaments played to CSW in North America and sanctioned by NASPA are rated under the NASPA SOWPODS rating system. Thus:

Playing a CSW tournament has no effect on your regular NASPA rating.

WGPO also plans to maintain separate rating systems for each lexicon if such divisions are played. As well as the national systems, all CSW tournaments in North America are eligible to be rated by the World English Scrabble Players Association (WESPA), the governing body of the English game worldwide, under their international system. In other words, if you play a CSW tournament, you can get a world ranking. However, non-NASPA CSW tournaments in North America (such as, e.g., WGPO) cannot be WESPA rated.

The NASPA SOWPODS system is described further on the NASPA wiki, but is essentially identical to the regular rating. Those with a regular rating start with that rating under NASPA SOWPODS, but with zero games. Existing tournament software such as tsh and Director! can handle this. Hence, adding a CSW division to a tournament is straightforward.

The WESPA system uses a different formula to NASPA, but the resulting distribution of ratings is broadly similar. A WESPA rating's value is slightly higher than NASPA, so that, e.g., 1950 in WESPA is more like 1900 in NASPA.

Several players are rated under two or more of the rating systems. Here, we list all players who have a NASPA SOWPODS and NASPA rating, plus their WESPA rating if they have one.


  * NASPA full list, Sep 11th 2010
* NASPA SOWPODS list, Sep 11th 2010
* WESPA full list, Sep 1st 2010
Nigel Richards 215521402081
Pakorn Nemitrmansuk 202819482101
Nathan Benedict 201919682001
Adam Logan 201520372071
Carl Johnson 200420251950
Geoff Thevenot 198618761961
Dave Wiegand 197020142038
Robert Linn 195517551968
Joel Wapnick 193419112025
David Boys 191918432072
Tony Leah 190719021953
Brian Bowman 190618351924
Max Panitch 190117721966
Chris Cree 189118861940
Jim Kramer 188618911919
Mark Kenas 187617581915
Nick Ball 186616871937
Bob Lipton 184118231921
Steve Polatnick 184017891876
Jason Idalski 184019061802
Marty Gabriel 183319341910
Winter 182618661935
Ron Hoekstra 182116742014
Sam Kantimathi 181216141820
John O'Laughlin 180319161938
Travis Chaney 179017681842
Michael Thelen 173817811869
John Chew 165916611607
Jim Lamerand 160916411716
Andrew Golding 159916951671
Tim Anglin 156815021690
Jason Ubeika 154116701748
Jean McArthur 154016041663
Geoffrey Newman 153516291814
Eric Kinderman 152515351666
Steve Ozorio 151115161638
Thavachai Thivavarnvongs150716101649
Stuart Goldman 147415651662
Pete Zeigler 147115331720
Bradley Robbins 14561477 -
Tobey Roland 145314161556
Vera Bigall 143914431360
Puneet Sharma 137110271717
Judy Newhouse 12801427 -
Tapani Lindgren 127813661513
Chris Mazzuca 12611242 -
Kathy Sutrov 12531211 -
Jesse Wornum 12201268 -
Jeff Kesner 119011141289
Kunihiko Kuroda 117412951337
Sharmaine Farini 112110901189
Joshua Standig 1012 971 -