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CSW links

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This page provides links related Collins, and is part of our introduction to Collins (SOWPODS) in North America.

CSW Links


WESPA World English Scrabble Players Association
International SOWPODS page Bob Jackman's site with international ratings, publications, etc.
SOWPODS (Wikipedia) Wikipedia's description of SOWPODS

Word Lists

CSW The official word list, equivalent to the blue OWL2 book
COSD As CSW but with definitions, hence larger. Equivalent to OSPD, but there is no expurgation in Collins.
CSL Useful word lists derived from CSW
Seattle SC Seattle Scrabble Club's CSW lists
Bob's British Bible The ultimate list for converting to CSW from OWL2


Quackle The well-known software will also play CSW (see the 'Try it!' page)
Zyzzyva Similarly, Zyzzyva is good for CSW study
Zarf, Checkword iPhone apps which adjuicate and perform searches, such as anagrams, on both OWL2 and CSW
tsh, Director! Tournament software that can easily run a CSW tournament, or incorporate a CSW division

Books & Articles

Collins Scrabble: Play Like a Champion UK National Champion Allan Simmons describes CSW play
The Last Word Newsletter Covers tournament play in North America, including CSW. The June 2010 issue (page 24) contains an annotated game, which is quite advanced, but shows the sort of thinking possible in a CSW game. The July 2010 issue (page 12) contains a writeup of the two CSW tournaments in Portland, May 2010, which includes quotes from some Collins 'newbies' on their experience. Sep 2011 includes a summary of Collins play in North America, and a second article by 'The Wordsmith', Chris Sinacola, on trying out Collins for the first time. The back issues are downloadable from the 'Archives' section of the site.


How to Win at Scrabble and Wordgame magazine Two of the best resources for CSW play are 'How_To_Win_At_Scrabble', by Andrew Fisher and David Webb, and 'Wordgame' magazine from 2000-1 by Mark Watkins. Unfortunately, neither is currently available, but it may be possible to track them down.
Interview with Darryl Francis Interview from Word Buff with CSW co-creator, Darryl Francis, including information about the next edition, due out May 2011.