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Branding guide

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This is page is the official NASPA Branding guide, which describes the correct use of NASPA brand names, logos and other corporate design assets.

If you’re looking for event photos or other digital assets, please contact us with your needs.

The NASPA logo is available in the following formats:

160x160-pixel PNG file showing only logo
320x320-pixel PNG file showing only logo
160x199-pixel PNG file with text “NASPA Games”
320x397-pixel PNG file with text “NASPA Games”
high-resolution PDF showing only logo
high-resolution PDF showing logo with text “NASPA Games”

If you require the logo in other formats, or have questions about its use, please contact John Chew.


  • Text accompanying the NASPA logo should match it typographically. Use VAG Rounded (any weight).
  • Body type in printed NASPA documents should be set in Adobe Garamond Pro, with headings in VAG Rounded
    • If the use of a sanserif typeface in headings would lead to confusion among '1', 'l' and 'I', the use of Adobe Garamond Pro is permitted.

See also

  • The NASPAWiki Style guide for guidance related specifically to textual issues.