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(AD may organize as well as direct)
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experienced [[mentor director]].
experienced [[mentor director]].
An Apprentice Director is entitled to direct a NASPA [[club]]
An Apprentice Director is entitled to organize or direct a NASPA [[club]]
or [[tournament]],
or [[tournament]],
and has additional rights
and has additional rights

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An Apprentice Director is a certified NASPA director, who has typically passed a written examination but not yet finished serving apprenticeship under an experienced mentor director.

An Apprentice Director is entitled to organize or direct a NASPA club or tournament, and has additional rights and responsibilities as listed in our Directors page. The apprentice performs directorial duties under the supervision of a mentor director. If the apprentice is at least 21 years of age, that supervision may at the discretion of the mentor consist simply of the mentor being reachable for any necessary advice.

For legal reasons, we are not currently accepting applications for apprenticeship from members aged under 18. An apprentice director who is under 18 would have been called a Youth Apprentice Director before this policy went into place. An apprentice director who is 18–20 is now called a Young Adult Apprentice Director.

An Apprentice Director may advance to become a Tournament Coordinator, Club Director or Tournament/Club Director when their mentor director decides that the apprentice is ready.