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2016 North American SCRABBLE Championship Player Bulletin

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This player bulletin page is updated occasionally with information for participants in the 2016 North American SCRABBLE Championship.

July 23, 2016: Collins Divisions Combined

The lower Collins division did not achieve the required minimum of 20 entrants by July 20. Consequently, the Collins divisions have been combined into a single, open Collins division.

March 30, 2016: Reception List Posted

A List of Attendees to the opening reception at the 2016 NASC has been posted. This file is updated periodically, and shows the date and time of the last update at the top of the list.

The Opening Reception for the 2016 NASC will be held on Friday, August 5, from 7:30 - 10:00 p.m. in the Courtyard's Legacy Ballroom. Cost of the reception is $29 (waived for life members, directors, and NASPA committee members), and must be paid in advance.

You must be registered to attend (life members, directors, and committee members who wish to attend must register as well). If you are not registered, and wish to attend, please contact the Championship Committee at nsc@scrabbleplayers.org.