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2015 Can-Am SCRABBLE Challenge

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The 2015 Can-Am SCRABBLE Challenge is the 12th in this series of transborder invitational championships.

Note this page is a WORKING DRAFT. The Qualification Procedure and Qualifying Period below are subject to change and subject to approval by the appropriate NASPA committees.

2015 Can-Am SCRABBLE Challenge qualification system

A total of 20 entrants will qualify to compete at the 2015 Can-Am SCRABBLE Challenge, ten each representing the United States and Canada. Each slate of ten entrants will feature five players playing TWL and five players playing CSW.

The event will be hosted by Canada on August 29-30, hosted by the Ottawa Scrabble Club in Ottawa, ON. It will be held at the office of iPolitics, a news-gathering organization located in Ottawa's Byward Market area.

We intend the end of the qualifying period to also be the deadline for registering.


All Canadian team members must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada. All U.S. team members must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents in the U.S. All participants must be NASPA members in good standing as of a date TBD.

Qualification Period

As in past years, the qualification period is from the beginning of September 2014 (the month in which the previous Challenge was contested) to about two months before this year's Can-Am, with dates adjusted slightly to include events played on the first and last weekends during that period: 1 September 2014 to TBD (inclusive).

Participation Requirement

Players who wish to qualify must meet a minimum participation requirement of 24 NASPA rated tournament games played during the qualification period. The games must be played in the lexicon in which the player wishes to qualify.

Peak Rating

Players will qualify based on the higher of their peak NASPA rating (PR) in the lexicon of their choice. A player’s PR is defined as his or her highest rating that satisfies the following conditions: It is achieved at the end of a rated tournament played. It is not achieved before the tournament in which the participation requirement has been met.

If two or more players have the same PR, then the tie will be broken by each player's second highest PR eligible rating. If still tied then the tie will be broken by total number of games played (in any lexicon) during the QP. If still tied then the tie will be broken by rating achieved after any fully rated tournament in the QP. Drawing of lots will be necessary if there is still a tie.


In a change from previous years, each team will have five players who have chosen each available lexicon. The tournament will consist of a triple round robin with each player playing the five members of the other team in the lexicon of choice only, for a total of fifteen games.

A player must play the lexicon that corresponds to the lexicon of the peak rating used to qualify for the event. Players who have peak ratings in both lexicons which allow them to qualify may choose which lexicon they prefer to play for the event. This selection should be made at the time of registration.

Current Standings

Once registration has opened, there will be a link to the current qualification standings here.


All alternates will be chosen on the basis of PR.


Dispute Resolution

In the event that a dispute concerning these rules should arise, it will be
 resolved by one of the following bodies as indicated: Canadian Committee 
(matters concerning qualification of Canadian players), International Committee US Subcomittee (matters concerning qualification of US players), International
 Committee (all other matters arising before the first day of the tournament), 
the Tournament Director (any matters arising on the days on which the 
tournament is contested). As always, rulings concerning disputes may
be appealed to the Advisory Board, which will (time permitting) hear 
them at its next scheduled monthly meeting.


Please email Chris Lipe by date TBD with your lexical preference if you would like to represent USA.

Please email Tony Leah by date TBD with your lexical preference if you would like to represent Canada.

The standings will be announced and updated by John Chew.