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NSC 2014 logo

Here is a brief introduction to the 2014 National SCRABBLE Championship for overseas visitors considering attending.

What is it?
This is the 25th American national championship. It features about 500 players and 31 rounds of NASPA- and WESPA-rated play over five days, in a convention centre attached to a hotel in downtown Buffalo, New York.
Where is Buffalo?
Buffalo is a 90-minute drive south of Toronto (Canada), 800 km east of Chicago, 600 km northwest of New York City. It is on the Niagara River, which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and is a 30-minute drive upstream of Niagara Falls (the waterfall with the highest flow rate in the world, 2,400 cubic metres per second).
How do I get there?
Fly to Toronto (YYZ or YTZ) and take ground transportation, or fly to Chicago (ORD) or a New York City airport and transfer to a regional connecting flight.
Don’t you play with the American dictionary?
Many of us do, but we get about 40 players each year in our Collins division.
How can I see who is registered this year?
Visit cross-tables.com.
What do I need to do to register?
If you are not already a NASPA member, you need to have an active membership to register. Then visit http://www.scrabbleplayers.org/cgi-bin/register.pl?event_id=NSC2014, complete the form and remit payment either by credit card or postal money order as instructed.
How do I become a member?
If you live in a country with which we have a reciprocal agreement (including the UK, Australia, India, Nigeria and Malaysia) and are a member of your local official Scrabble association, just email us at info@scrabbleplayers.org for your complimentary membership. If not, ask us if we can negotiate an agreement with your organization. If not, first-time trial membership costs US$15 for six-months; past members may purchase a one-week membership for US$19.
How much does the NSC itself cost?
USD$175 (Division 1) or USD$150 (Division 2), plus a USD$100 commuter fee if you do not stay at the event hotel (the Hyatt, which charges $129/night). Prices increase by $50 on May 31.
What was the top prize in the Collins division in 2013?
How can I find out more about the event?
Visit our website at scrabbleplayers.org, or email us at info@scrabbleplayers.org