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2011 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship qualification system

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  • A total of 52 entrants will qualify to compete at the next Canadian National Scrabble Championship (CNSC).
  • This event will likely take place in either 2010 or 2011.


  • All participants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
  • All participants must be NASPA members in good standing.

Qualification Criteria

Defending CNSC Champion

  • Adam Logan receives an automatic CNSC berth as defending champion.

Peak Rating (PR)

  • Excluding Adam Logan, the top 47 active tournament players in Canada based on PR within the qualifying period automatically receive CNSC berths.
  • These 47 players may be subject to a yet-to-be-determined minimum tournament games played formula to determine if he/she is an active tournament player.
  • This formula will be announced in due time.
  • Those who qualify under this provision must indicate their intention to play in the CNSC before a deadline that is to be determined in due time.
  • Those who choose not to participate or who do not indicate their intention to play before the deadline will be replaced by those who are next on the PR list.

Qualifying Tournament (QT)

  • It is the intention of NASPA's Canadian Committee (CC) to award the final CNSC berths to four players who qualify from two special qualifying tournaments. Please note: The CC reserves the right to cancel these QTs if for reasons of logistics and practicality, they become unworkable. In that event, the remaining CNSC berths will be awarded to four players based on PR.
  • The two QTs will be held after the 47 PR berths have been awarded.
  • One QT will be held in western Canada and the other will be held in eastern Canada.
  • The sites, dates, and formats of these events will be announced in due time.
  • The QTs may be held in conjunction with other Scrabble events.
  • The QTs will be restricted to players who have not already qualified for the CNSC through their PR.
  • Only players who are eligible to play in the CNSC and who intend to play in the CNSC will be allowed to compete in the QTs.
  • Players may compete in only one QT.
  • Players who wish to compete in a QT will be required to meet the same minimum tournament games played criteria as those who qualified under the PR provision.
  • There is no minimum PR requirement to play in a QT, but interested players must notify the director in advance to confirm their intention to play in a QT.
  • The director of each QT has the right to limit the number of entrants based on the size of the venue.
  • The top two finishers at each QT will receive CNSC berths.
  • If any of the four players who qualify from the QT process is unable to compete at the CNSC, he/she will be replaced by the next person from the PR list.