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NSC 2000 Players: Division 1

Players in this division are nominally rated >1899.

1.0102094Brian Cappelletto
2.0582036Jere Mead
3.0772024Lester Schonbrun
4.0522003Adam Logan
5.0241989Robert Felt
6.0961985David Wiegand
7.0801975Joel Sherman
8.0751971Charnwit Sukhumratanaporn
9.0291967Jim Geary
10.0471964James J Kramer
11.0641961Sammy Okosagah
12.0981959Trey Wright
13.0501956Jerry Lerman
14.0071936Mike Baron
14.0921936Dr. Ian Jay Weinstein
16.0611934Avi Moss
17.0431932Merrill Kaitz
17.0621932Rita Norr
19.0631929Lisa A Odom
20.0081924Pat Barrett
20.0211924Joe Edley
22.0901921Joel Wapnick
22.0721921Bob Prentiss
24.0661918Iffy Onyeonwe
25.0011914Steven Alexander
26.0131910Ira Cohen
27.0561908Joey Mallick
27.0141908C Christopher Cree
29.0061905Rich Baker
29.0491905Matthew Laufer
31.0441904Sam Kantimathi
32.0371902Randy Hersom
33.0151900Lynn Cushman
34.0811899Martin Smith
35.0951895Jeff B Widergren
36.0121894Gerald Carter
37.0531893John Luebkemann
38.0911890Joseph Weinike
39.0281886Marty Gabriel
40.0461885Zev Kaufman
41.0691881Trip Payne
42.0321877Matt Graham
43.0111876Jean A Carol
43.0331876Randy Greenspan
45.0701871Steven Pellinen
46.0191870Jan Dixon
47.0221867Robert Ellickson
48.0861866Ronald B Tiekert
49.0231854J Paul Epstein
50.0311852Stu Goldman
51.0761851Louis Schecter
52.0051847Michael Baker
53.0421843Dennis Kaiser
54.0711838Steve Polatnick
55.0511836Robert Linn
56.0351834Albert Hahn
57.0571832Marty Marcus
58.0361830Anne V Hay
59.0031825Scott Appel
60.0541821Roderick Macneil
61.0451817Carol A Kaplan
62.0931816David Weisberg
63.0781814Marjorie Schoneboom
64.0021805Timothy Anglin
65.0971801Margaret Bauer-Williams
66.0201800Akegapun Erbprasartsook
66.0891800Purinth Vutthichairerk
68.0551797Dave Mallick
69.0411789Robert M Kahn
70.0341786Dominic Grillo
71.0591782Karen Merrill
72.0301781Daniel Goldman
73.0731778Mark Przybyszewski
74.0381777Marlon Hill
75.0171775Lisa Deift
76.0941774Martin Weisskopf
77.0601771Marlene Milkent
78.0791769Gordon Shapiro
79.0681762James Pate
80.0671758Amnuay Ploysangngam
81.0401756Nuttakrit Keskaroonkul
82.0041755Peter Armstrong
83.0831741David Stone
83.0841741Christopher Sykes
85.0871738Susi Tiekert
86.0251737Ann Ferguson
86.0181737Mark Di Battista
88.0091735Evan Berofsky
89.0481725Rose Kreiswirth
90.0271715Jeremy Frank
91.0741711Cynthia Pughsley
92.0651706Steven L Oliger
93.0821701Dr Carl Stocker
94.0391695Ron Hoekstra
95.0261680Jeff Fleetham
96.0881674Siri Tillekeratne
97.0851650Randall Thomas
98.0161645Bruce D'Ambrosio

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