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December 9th, 2023: PHREATIC

Definition: PHREATIC adj pertaining to underground waters

Anagrams: chapiter patchier

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: apherEtic chapiterS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aethEric apYretic aSpheric atrOphic caMphire catChier chapterS charieSt chatTier criSpate eMpathic eMphatic Graphite hapteNic hepaticA hepaticS heptarcH herpEtic hetaEric hieratIc iMpacter Operatic parcheSi pareticS parheLic parRitch particLe paStiche patcherS patheTic peachiEr peNtarch periaNth petEchia phOretic phratRic picrateD picrateS piStache pitcherS pitchIer pOachier practiCe practiSe preLatic rheMatic Seraphic teraphiM theaTric theriacA theriacS tracheiD triphaSe Whitecap

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace ache achier acre act ae ah ahi ai air airt airth ait aitch ape aper aphetic apt apter ar arc arch archi are areic art at ate atrip cahier cap cape caper caph capri car care caret carp carpet carpi cart carte cat cate cater cep ceria ceriph cert chai chair chap chape chapt chapter char chare chart chat cheap cheat chert chi chia chip chirp chit cipher cire cite citer cither crap crape crate crept cripe crit each ear earth eat eath echt eh epact eparch epha epic er era erica et eta etch eth ethic etic ha hae haet hair hap haptic hare harp hart hat hate hater he heap hear heart heat heir hep hepatic hepcat her het hi hic hie hip hire hit ice ich irate ire it itch ither pa pac pace pacer pacier pact pah pair par parch pare paretic part pat patch patcher pate pater path pe pea peach pear peart peat pec pech peh per perc perch peri pert pet phat phatic phi pht pi pia pic pica pice picrate pie pier pieta pirate pit pita pitch pitcher pith prat prate pratie preach preact price race rachet rah rai rap rape (and 74 more)

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