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August 20th, 2020: CERATE

Definition: CERATE*CERATES n a medicated ointment

Anagrams: create ecarte

Hooks: Acerate cerateD cerateS

Ana-hooks: acCrete acerAte catereD catereR ceNtare cHeater createD createS creMate creNate ecarteS eXacter eXcreta Hectare Ocreate reacteD recHeat recRate reeNact reteacH retRace teacHer terRace treacLe

'Typos': aerate berate carate cerite create curate derate

Blana-grams: acUter aetHer aFreet aMerce areteS Beater caNter careeN careeR caretS carNet carPet carteD carteL carteR carteS caSter caterS ceNter ceNtra ceNtre cereaL cerMet certeS cetaNe cLaret cOatee cOater crateD crateR crateS creaSe Decare eaSter eaterS eaterY eJecta eLater eNtera ePater erectS erGate etcHer Facete Feater Heater Hereat Neater Nectar Ocreae Preact raceMe racHet racKet reactS reBate recaNe recaNt recaSt receNt recePt recIte recOat rectaL reDact reDate reFace reFect reHeat reJect reLace reLate reMate rePeat reSeat reSect retacK retaKe retaPe reteaM reteaR Seater Secret tacKer taNrec teareD teareR teaSer teNace teNrec terceL terceS terceT tereFa terRae tHecae tIerce traceD traceR traceS traNce

Extensions: AcerateD LAcerate MAcerate ULcerate LAcerateD LAcerateS MAcerateD MAcerateR MAcerateS ULcerateD ULcerateS CANcerate# EVIScerate MAcerateRS VIScerate# CANcerateD# CANcerateS# DILAcerate# EVIScerateD EVIScerateS EXULcerate# INCARcerate VIScerateD# VIScerateS# CHELIcerate# DILAcerateD# DILAcerateS# EXULcerateD# EXULcerateS# INCARcerateD INCARcerateS CHELIcerateS# DISINCARcerate# DISINCARcerateD# DISINCARcerateS#

Sub-anagrams: ace acre act ae ar arc are arete art at ate car care caret cart carte cat cate cater cee cere cert cete crate ear eat eater er era ere erect et eta race rat rate re react rec recta ree ret rete ta tace tae tar tare te tea tear tec tee terce trace tree

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