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August 3rd, 2020: SEROSA

Definition: SEROSA*SEROSAE*SEROSAS n a thin membrane lining certain bodily cavities

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: serosaE serosaL serosaS

Ana-hooks: arKoses aroUses Lassoer oarLess oseTras osseTra reasoNs resoaKs rosaCes saroDes saroseS seNoras seroMas soaKers soaPers soareRs soLeras

'Typos': seroma

Blana-grams: aCross aDores aHorse arIose arIses arKose aroUse arseNo arsoNs asHore asKers asPers asserT assorT assUre asTers Basser Boreas Bosser Broses Caress Carses Coarse Corses Crases Crosse Dosers Dosser easErs erasEs erosEs esCars esKars Fossae Gasser Gorses Hoarse Horses Hosers Kaross Lasers Lessor Losers Marses Masers Morass Mosser oaTers oCreas oGress oPeras oraTes oreaDs osCars oseTra osIers Pareos Parses Paseos Passer Posers Prases Proses raIses raMose raseRs rasHes rassLe reasoN rePass resaWs resaYs resoaK resoDs resoWs roasTs roOses rosaCe roseTs roUses saBers saBres saKers saPors sareEs sarGes sarGos saroDe saroDs sarseN saVers saVors saWers saYers sCares sCores seasoN seIsor seNora seNors seNsor seraCs seraIs seroUs seroWs serVos seWars sHares sHears sHoers sHores sMears sNares sNores soaKer soaPer soareD soareR soaVes soBers soFars soLars soLera soNars soreLs soresT sorTes soUser soWars soWers sPares sParse sPears sPores sTares sTores sWears Tasers Torses Tosser Tsores Urases Versos Worses Wrasse

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aero ar are ares arose ars arse arses as ass ear ears er era eras eros ers es ess oar oars oases oe oes or ora ore ores ors os osar ose oses ossa ras rase rases re res roe roes rose roses sae saros sea sear sears seas ser sera sers so soar soars sora soras sore sores sos

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