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January 27th, 2017: PHO

Definition: PHO*PHOS n a Vietnamese soup of rice noodles and vegetables

Anagrams: hop poh

Hooks: phoN phoS phoT

Ana-hooks: Chop hoLp hoOp hopE hopS hYpo Koph opAh oUph poOh poSh Qoph Shop Soph Toph Whop

'Typos': mho oho phi pht poh poo pro rho sho tho who

Blana-grams: Apo Bop Cop Doh Foh Fop hAo hAp hEp hIp hoB hoD hoE hoG hoM hoN hoO hoS hoT hoW hoY hUp hYp Kop Lop Mop Noh oCh ohM ohS oOh opA opE opS opT pAh pEh poD poI poL poM poP poS poT poW poX Soh Sop Top Upo Wop

Extensions: EphoD EphoR phoNE phoNO phoNS phoNY phoTO phoTS AphoNY EphoDS EphoRI EphoRS MORpho NYMpho SIphoN SYphoN TYphoN UphoLD UphoVE phoBIA phoBIC phoEBE phoNAL phoNED phoNER phoNES phoNEY phoNIC phoNON phoNOS phoOEY phoTIC phoTOG phoTON phoTOS ALphoRN AMphoRA ANAphoR AphoNIA AphoNIC AphoTIC CAMphoL CAMphoR CIphoNY EUphoNY EphoRAL GRYphoN MORphoS NYMphoS SIphoNS SKYphoI SKYphoS SYphoNS TAphoLE TYphoID TYphoNS TYphoON TYphoSE TYphoUS UphoARD UphoLDS XIphoID phoBIAS phoBICS phoCINE phoEBES phoEBUS phoENIX phoNATE phoNEME phoNERS phoNEYS phoNICS phoNIED phoNIER phoNIES phoNILY phoNING phoNONS phoRATE phoRESY phoTICS phoTINO phoTOED phoTOGS phoTONS ALphoRNS ALphoSIS AMphoRAE AMphoRAL AMphoRAS ANAphoRA ANAphoRS ANTIphoN APOphoNY ASphoDEL AphoLATE AphoNIAS AphoNICS AphoNIES (and 845 more)

Sub-anagrams: ho oh op po

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