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October 2nd, 2013: ALVINE

Definition: ALVINE adj pertaining to the abdomen and lower intestines

Anagrams: alevin valine veinal venial vineal

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: alevinS anvileD Flavine Javelin leavinG naivelY Ravelin valineS vealinG venTail

'Typos': alkine alpine

Blana-grams: aleXin alienS alineD alineR alineS anvilS Denial elainS elUvia enTail eOlian Finale Flavin Genial Glaive inHale inlaCe invaDe Kelvin laRine lavinG laWine leavEn levanT levinS lianeS lienaL linaGe lineaL lineaR livenS Maline Menial naileD naileR naiveR naiveS naTive navelS navieS Penial Pineal Ravine Renail Saline Savine Silane Silvae Silvan Snivel Tenail Tineal Unlive Unveil vaGile vaHine vaileD vaineR vainlY valiSe veRnal viaBle vialeD vilLae vinalS Xenial

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ai ail ain al ale alien aline alive an ane ani anil anile anvil ave el elain elan en evil ilea in la lain lane lav lave lea lean lei lev leva levin li liane lie lien lin line live liven na nae naevi nail naive nave navel ne nevi nil nival vail vain vale van vane veal veil vein vela vena venal via vial vie vile vina vinal vine

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