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October 1st, 2011: TRICORNE

Definition: TRICORNE*TRICORNES n tricorn

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: tricorneS

Ana-hooks: contriVer criterIon incorreCt intercroP tiercEron

'Typos': tricorns

Blana-grams: Actioner Anoretic Anterior cArrotin centroiD cointerS conCerti contriTe contriVe cornieSt coUrtier coWriter creAtion creDitor Director Doctrine entroPic erEction Frontier Gerontic incePtor inFector inJector intercoM interIor interroW introrSe inVertor necrotiC neotEric neUrotic noticerS orientEr reAction reoriEnt reSorcin rHetoric tHornier torcHier troUncer Unerotic

Extensions: tricorneRED

Sub-anagrams: cent cento cero cine cion cire cite citer citron coin coiner cointer coir con cone coni conte cor core corer corn corner cornet cornier corrie cortin cot cote cretin crier crit crone crore en eon er ern erotic err et etic ice icon in inert inro inter into intro ion ire iron irone ironer it ne net nice nicer nit nite niter nitre nitro no noetic noir nor nori norite not note noter notice noticer oe oi on once oncet one ontic or orc orcein orcin ore orient orrice ort otic re rec recit recoin recon recti recto rector rei rein rent ret retorn retro rice ricer rin riot rioter rite roc roe rot rote roti ten tenor tern ti tic tie tier tin tine tire tiro to toe ton tone toner tonic tonier tor torc tore tori toric torn torr trice tricorn trier trine trio trone

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