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September 30th, 2011: STABLISH


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Establish

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: ablEists absiNths astilbEs bastilEs bathlEss blastiEs halibUts hEliasts isObaths saltbUsh shaliEst stabilEs

Extensions: stablishED stablishES EstablishED EstablishER EstablishES REEstablish stablishING DISEstablish EstablishERS EstablishING PREEstablish stablishMENT EstablishABLE EstablishMENT REEstablishED REEstablishES UNEstablishED stablishMENTS DISEstablishED DISEstablishES EstablishER(S) EstablishMENTS NONEstablishED PREEstablishED PREEstablishES REEstablishING DISEstablishING PREEstablishING REEstablishMENT DISEstablishMENT NONEstablishMENT REEstablishMENTS ANTIEstablishMENT DISEstablishMENTS NONEstablishMENTS EstablishMENTARIAN REEstablishMENT(S) DISEstablishMENT(S) EstablishMENTARIANS NONEstablishMENT(S) DISEstablishMENTARIAN EstablishMENTARIAN(S) EstablishMENTARIANISM DISEstablishMENTARIANS EstablishMENTARIANISMS DISEstablishMENTARIAN(S)

Sub-anagrams: ab abs ah ahi ahis ahs ai ail ails ais ait aits al alb albs alist alit als alt alts as ash ass at ba bah baht bahts bail bails bait baith baits bal bals bas bash basil basils basis bass bassi bast basts bat bath baths bats bi bias bis bit bits blah blahs blast blasts blat blats bliss ha habit habits hail hails halt halts has hast hat hats hi hila hilt hilts his hiss hist hists hit hits is isba isbas it its la lab labs laith las lash lass lassi last lasts lat lath lathi lathis laths lati latish lats li lib libs lis list lists lit litas lits sab sabs sahib sahibs sail sails saith sal sals salt saltish salts sash sat sati satis sh sha shalt shist si sial sials sib sibs silt silts sis sisal sit sith sits slab slabs slash slat slats slit slits stab stabs stash ta tab tabs tahsil tahsils tail tails tali tas tass this ti til tils tis

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