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July 12th, 2011: CERATOID

Definition: CERATOID adj hornlike

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Bacteroid cHarioted deciMator deDicator Loricated redactioN

'Typos': keratoid teratoid

Blana-grams: acCredit acrideSt actioNer adroiteR aerodUct aNoretic aroiNted articLed aSteroid Boracite carotidS cartoNed cateNoid caVorted ceNtroid cHordate citraTed coadMire codireCt coeditOr corditeS coVaried creatioN creditoR decoratE deMocrat dePictor deViator diceNtra dicrotaL dictaTor directoR doctriNe edUcator eroticaL Factored idocraSe idoLater Lacertid Loricate Mediator Morticed Notecard oPeratic ordiNate oUtcried oUtraced Picrated raceMoid radicAte raticIde ratioNed reactioN readDict recoatEd redactoR redcoatS taiLored teTracid teTradic tiMecard torNadic tracHeid

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acid acre acred acrid act acted actor ad adit ado adore adroit ae aero ai aid aide aider air aired airt airted ait aortic ar arc arced arco are areic arid aroid art at ate cad cade cadet cadi cadre caid caird car card cardio care cared caret caried carotid cart carte carted cat cate cater cedar cedi ceria cero ciao cider cire cite cited citer coat coated coater coati cod coda code codeia coder coed coedit coir cor cord cordate cordite core cored coria cot cote coted crate crated cred credit credo cried crit dace dacite dacoit dare daric dart date dater dato de deair dear deco decor derat dice dicer dicot dicta die diet dire direct dirt dit dita dite do doat doc doe doer doit dor dore dot dote doter dotier drat droit ear eat ed edict edit editor er era erica erotic erotica et eta etic ice iced id idea iodate iota irade irate ire ired it oar oared oat oater oca ocrea octad od oda ode odea odic oe oi or ora orad orate orated orc orca ore oread ort otic race raced rad radio rai raid rat rate rated ratio rato re (and 86 more)

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