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June 23rd, 2011: TEMPERA

Definition: TEMPERA*TEMPERAS n a technique of painting

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: temperaS

Ana-hooks: atTemper permeaNt permeatE tampereD tampereR

'Typos': tempers tempura

Blana-grams: aDepter amMeter ampereS ampUtee amreetA Cremate emerIta emIrate empaLer emptIer eXtrema Fermate meatIer meerKat metaMer metepaS metOpae Operate pearteR peatIer permUte petraLe pLeater preDate preemPt preGame preHeat preLate premaDe premeaL premeEt preName pretaPe preteRm prImate remateD remateS repeatS repLate reStamp retapeD retapeS reteamS Stamper Steamer tamperS tapereD tapereR tempLar tempTer tHermae trampeD trampeR trampLe trapeZe

Extensions: temperaTE temperaBLE temperaNCE INtemperaTE temperaMENT temperaNCES temperaTELY temperaTURE DIStemperaTE SUBtemperaTE temperaMENTS temperaTURES INtemperaNCES INtemperaTELY temperaMENTAL temperaTENESS DIStemperaTURE DIStemperaTURES INtemperaNCE(S) INtemperaTENESS temperaMENTALLY temperaTENESSES DIStemperaTURE(S) INtemperaTENESSES

Sub-anagrams: ae am ameer amp ampere ape aper apt apter ar are arete arm armet art at ate ear eat eater em eme er era ere et eta etape ma mae map mar mare mart mat mate mater me meat meet mere met meta mete metepa meter metre pa pam par pare part pat pate pater pe pea pear peart peat pee peer per pere perea perm pert pet peter pram prat prate pree ram ramee ramet ramp rap rape rapt rat rate re ream reap ree rem remap remate remet rep repeat ret retape rete reteam retem ta tae tam tame tamer tamp tamper tap tape taper tar tare tarp tea team tear tee teem temp temper tepa term tram tramp trap tree

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