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January 30th, 2008: DAIMEN

Definition: DAIMEN adj occasional

Anagrams: aidmen maiden median medina

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: amidIne amidOne diamIne dOmaine inaRmed maidenS medianS medianT medinaS Sideman Unaimed

'Typos': daimon

Blana-grams: admiRe aedinE aidmAn aiRmen aLined amendS amideS amidIn amineS amMine anAdem anemiA anemiC animeS anOmie Badmen Bedamn Cinema Cnidae daemOn damneD damneR damPen deGami demanD demEan denaRi deniaL denimS deSman deTain diaDem diamIn dOmain dOmine emOdin eniGma eTamin Fadein Famine Gained Gamine Haemin iCeman imaGed imMane imPend inmaTe inSeam inVade Kinema Limned madDen madMen maenAd maiLed maiMed maLine manNed manTid maRine meaniE mediaD mediaE mediaL mediaS meHndi menadS meniaL meSian midDen miLden minCed mindeD mindeR minTed mOaned mOnied naiLed nidaTe nimMed Pained Rained Remain Remand Remind Sained Semina Tamein Tandem Unmade

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad admen ae ai aid aide aim aimed ain am amen amend ami amid amide amie amin amine an and ane ani anime dam dame damn dan de dean den deni denim die dim dime din dine ed em en end id idea idem in ma mad made mae maid main man mane maned me mead mean med media men menad mend mi mid mien mina minae mind mine mined na nae nam name named ne nema nide nim

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