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January 12th, 2008: VIRELAY

Definition: VIRELAY*VIRELAYS n a medieval French verse form

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: virelayS

Ana-hooks: valKyrie varieDly

'Typos': virelai

Blana-grams: Bilayer Bravely Caviler Clavier Clayier Devilry Gravely Heavily iNlayer iraTely layOver leaviEr livyerS Naively Nervily Olivary Overlay Prevail raveliN ravelLy rayliKe reaDily realiTy reavAil reviSal reviVal rivaleD rivalRy Silvery Slavery Tearily valeriC varieTy variOle vealiEr velariA viCarly vilayeT viralLy Wearily

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aerily aery ai ail air airy aiver al ale alive ar are ariel aril aryl ave aver ay aye ear earl early el er era ervil evil eyra ilea ire ivy la lair lar lari lav lave laver lay layer lea lear leary leavy lei lev leva levy ley li liar lie lier lira lire live liver livery livre livyer lye lyre rai rail rale rave ravel ray re real rei relay rely rev ria rial riel rile riley rival rive riyal rya rye vail vair vale var vary veal vealy veil vela velar vera verily very via vial vie vier vile viler viral virl ya yar yare ye yea year

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