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June 20th, 2006: EANLING

Definition: EANLING*EANLINGS n yeanling

Anagrams: aneling leaning

Hooks: Weanling Yeanling eanlingS

Ana-hooks: alienIng angelinG Cleaning enaBling enlaCing ganTline gleaninG laDening laTening leaningS leaRning Paneling Ungenial

'Typos': eagling

Blana-grams: aginneR alAnine aligneD aligneR alinIng angeliC anginAl angliCe anglinG angUine anilIne anKling anlAgen anneliD anTeing anTigen aTingle Beaning Dealing Deaning eaRning elaTing enCinal engRail engRain Finagle galeniC galLein gelaTin geMinal geniTal genTian gRannie gUanine Healing inanelY innageS lanCing lanDing leaDing leaFing leaKing leaPing leaSing leaVing lenDing lenSing lignanS linageS linDane lineagE lineMan lingUae linKage linSang lOaning Meaning Melanin nailIng naRgile neaRing nigelLa Pealing Planing Realign Reginal Sealing Tagline Unagile Vealing Weaning Yealing Yeaning

Extensions: WeanlingS YeanlingS

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agile agin ai ail ain al ale algin alien align aline an ane angel angle ani anil anile egal el elain elan en eng gae gaen gain gal gale gan gane gel gen genial gie gien gin glean glen glia ilea in inane ingle inn innage la lag lain lane lang lea lean leg lei li liane liang lie lien ligan lignan lin linage line linen ling linga linn na nae nag nail nan ne neg nil nine

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