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February 7th, 2005: INVEST

Definition: INVEST*INVESTED*INVESTING*INVESTS v to commit something of value for future profit

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: investS

Ana-hooks: inveNts inveRts invItes nAivest nAtives stRiven tensivE vAinest vestinG vinIest

'Typos': incest infest ingest invent invert

Blana-grams: Civets Divest eLints enList enviEs envOis estRin evEnts eviCts evitEs Feints Finest Givens iDents ineRts inLets inseCt inseRt insetS insteP inteRs invIte Jivest Knives Levins Listen Livens Livest nAives nAtive nAvies niCest nievEs niteRs nitRes Ovines Rivets sAvine seitAn senitI senNit siGnet siLent sinNet sinteR sitTen sniveL sOviet sPinet steinS steviA stinGe stiveR stRine stRive sWivet teinDs tenEsi teniAs tenNis tenUis tHeins tineAs tinGes tinseL tisAne tRiens tRines tWines Unites Unties veniNs veRist veRsin viLest viXens Wisent

Extensions: REinvest investED investOR DISinvest REinvestS investING investORS COinvestOR DISinvestS REinvestED investABLE investMENT COinvestORS DISinvestED REinvestING investIGATE investITURE investMENTS DISinvestING REinvestMENT investIGATED investIGATES investIGATOR investITURES DISinvestMENT REinvestIGATE REinvestMENTS investIGATING investIGATION investIGATIVE investIGATORS investIGATORY COinvestIGATOR DISinvestMENTS OVERinvestMENT REinvestIGATED REinvestIGATES investIGATIONS COinvestIGATORS OVERinvestMENTS REinvestIGATING REinvestIGATION UNDERinvestMENT investIGATIONAL REinvestIGATIONS UNDERinvestMENTS

Sub-anagrams: en ens es est et in ins inset is it its ne neist nest net nets nevi nit nite nites nits sei sen sent senti set sev si sin sine sit site snit stein te tein teins ten tens tes ti tie ties tin tine tines tins tis vein veins vent vents vest vet vets vie vies vin vine vines vins vis vise

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