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December 25th, 2004: PARSLIED

Definition: PARSLIED adj garnished with parsley

Anagrams: spiraled

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: depriVals disperSal pedaliErs pedlariEs pOlarised presidIal redisplaY spiralLed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: airspeEd apPliers apPrised Bedrails Calipers dalLiers dariOles deCrials depriVal despairS dialLers dialYser diaspOre dilaTers dipTeral disMaler displaCe dispreaD driplesS earlsHip epidUral espaliEr Feldspar Harelips Helipads iMpalers iMpearls iMpleads islaNder lardiesT leMpiras leOpards lepOrids Misplead padDlers palisAde parAdise parOdies pedaliEr pelOrias peraCids peridIal perilLas pidDlers pieBalds pilasTer pilLared plaisTer plaiTers plasHier pleadErs pleiadEs pOlarise praediAl praliNes presidIa preVails pYralids radiCels radiCles rapHides rapidesT realisEd redTails relapsEd replEads repliCas repRisal resailEd residUal salAried saNdpile sepalOid siderEal slipWare spadilLe spaNdrel spaNdril sparKled sparliKe spiNdler spiraCle spirUlae spradDle spraiNed spraWled Talipeds Traipsed Tripedal Upraised

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ae ai aid aide aider aiders aides aids ail ailed ails air aired airs ais aisle aisled al alder alders ale ales aliped alipeds alp alps als ape aped aper apers apes apres apse ar are ares arid ariel ariels aril ariled arils arise arles ars as aside asp asper aspire aspired dais dal dale dales dals dap daps dare dares de deair deairs deal deals dear dears deasil deil deils del deli delis dels derail derails despair dial dialer dialers dials diaper diapers die diel dies dip dips dire dirl dirls dis dispel drail drails drape drapes dries drip drips ear earl earls ears ed el elapid elapids eld elds els er era eras ers es espial id idea ideal ideals ideas ides idle idler idlers idles ids ilea irade irades ire ired ires is isle isled la lad lade lader laders lades ladies lads laid lair laird lairds laired lairs lap lapides lapis laps lapse lapsed lapser lar lard lards lares lari laris lars las lase lased laser lea lead leads leap leaps lear lears leas led lei leis li liar liard liards liars lid lidar lidars lids lie lied lier liers lies lip lipase lips (and 257 more)

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